Boba Fett Teammate

Fathead Teammate – Peel & Stick
  • Size:7"W x 1'4"H
  • SKU:89-02223

What Makes a Fathead… a Fathead?

  • Movable

    Ready to make a move? Fatheads are movable and reusable.

  • Life-Size

    We mean LIFE-SIZE! These huge decals match the true size of any athlete or character.

  • Authentic

    Genuine images of your sports or entertainment favorites. Fatheads bring life to any room!

  • Designed in Detroit

    Thoughtfully crafted by skilled Fathead team members in Detroit, Michigan.

Product Details

Character: Boba Fett

Affiliation: The Empire

Homeworld: Kamino

The Small Boba Fett Decal: This decal of Boba Fett is perfect for anyone loves the Star Wars epic tales and has a smaller space they need to decorate. This small Boba Fett Fathead Teammate decal brings the atmosphere of a galactic battle to your home without the hassle of tape, tack, or frames and nails. It's time to show your pride For Real at the office, or anywhere there is room, with the Boba Fett Fathead Teammate decal.

An Inexpensive Gift For Star Wars Fans: So you’re looking for that little something extra to get your friend or family member that secretly, or not so secretly, wishes they could use the force. It doesn’t matter the occasion - graduation, birthday, holiday, etc. – the Boba Fett decal is an inexpensive Stars Wars gift that can result in jaw dropping excitement from fans of all ages. When this Boba Fett Teammate decal gets unwrapped, you'll instantly set the precedence of gift giving. Get the gift that any Star Wars fan will always cherish.

Installation Instructions

Awesomeness Included

Not only do you get this life-changing Fathead, it also comes with additional sweet graphics that are the perfect companion to your walls.



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