NFL 2016 Tradeables Single Pack

Fathead Tradeables – Peel & Stick
  • Size:Each decal is 5" x 7" (12 cm x 17 cm
  • SKU:99-01063
What Makes a Fathead… a Fathead?
  • Movable

    Ready to make a move? Fatheads are movable and reusable.

  • Life-Size

    We mean LIFE-SIZE! These huge decals match the true size of any athlete or character.

  • Authentic

    Genuine images of your sports or entertainment favorites. Fatheads bring life to any room!

  • Designed in Detroit

    Thoughtfully crafted by skilled Fathead team members in Detroit, Michigan.

Product Details

NFL 2016 Tradeables Single Pack: You get 5 total Tradeables in each pack, randomly chosen from 50 players representing every team in the NFL. Each Tradeable includes separate peel-n-stick images of the player.

Experience The Excitement Of Opening NFL Tradeables: The moment between receiving your 2016 NFL Tradeables and opening the pack is full of anticipation and excitement. Collectors know the feeling — wondering who will be in the pack to fill the gaps of your collection. This feeling is only matched by the rush you get as you sort through these football decals and discover the hi-def images of the NFL’s greatest stars. The fun of NFL Tradeables is extended to your friends as you get to play GM. How good are your GM skills? Can you work out a three-team trade to complete your collection? If so, maybe you should put in your resume for the next vacancy in the NFL.

These decals measure at 5" W x 7" H, adhere to smooth surfaces, are removable and reusable without damaging the surface you place it on — qualities a sticker or trading card cannot live up to.

Who's Included: Every pack of NFL Tradeables includes five decals of elite NFL athletes. Your pack could include:

Arizona Cardinals

Carson Palmer

Atlanta Falcons

Julio Jones

Matt Ryan

Baltimore Ravens

Joe Flacco

Buffalo Bills

Sammy Watkins

Caropna Panthers

Cam Newton

Luke Kuechly

Chicago Bears

Alshon Jeffery

Cincinnati Bengals

A.J. Green

Andy Dalton

Cleveland Browns

Joe Thomas

Dallas Cowboys

Dez Bryant

Tony Romo

Denver Broncos

DeMarcus Ware

Demaryius Thomas

Von Miller

Detroit Lions

Matthew Stafford

Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers

Clay Matthews

Jordy Nelson

Houston Texans

DeAndre Hopkins

J.J. Watt

Indianapolis Colts

Andrew Luck

T.Y. Hilton

Jacksonville Jaguars

Allen Robinson

Blake Bortles

Kansas City Chiefs

Jamaal Charles

Los Angeles Rams

Todd Gurley

Miami Dolphins

Ryan Tannehill

Minnesota Vikings

Adrian Peterson

New England Patriots

Rob Gronkowski

Tom Brady

New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees

New York Giants

Eli Manning

Odell Beckham Jr.

New York Jets

Brandon Marshall

Darrelle Revis

Oakland Raiders

Amari Cooper

Derek Carr

Philadelphia Eagles

Fletcher Cox

Pittsburgh Steelers

Antonio Brown

Ben Roethlisberger

Le'Veon Bell

San Diego Chargers

Philip Rivers

San Francisco 49ers

NaVorro Bowman

Seattle Seahawks

Richard Sherman

Russell Wilson

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Doug Martin

Tennessee Titans

Marcus Mariota

Washington Redskins

Kirk Cousins

Installation Instructions
Installing Your Fathead
  1. OPEN your box with excitement!
  2. UNBOX your Fathead container from its shipping box.
  3. UNROLL your Fathead, and let relax flat on the floor for an hour.
  4. PREP your wall while your Fathead relaxes. Choose a wall according to the dimensions of your decal, and wipe down the wall surface with water to remove dust and dirt.
  5. PEEL with the help of a friend from the top down. Slowly peel away from backing without letting the Fathead stick to itself.
  6. STICK one corner of your Fathead to the wall with minimal pressure and apply outwards from there. If you make a mistake, you can unpeel and try again.
  7. SMOOTH out air bubbles and wrinkles. Start from the middle, and push out toward edges.
  8. ENJOY your awesome Fathead decal!

To watch an instructional video, click here

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