Inside Dodger Stadium Canvas Print

  • Size:2'6"W x 1'8"H
  • SKU:51-51445

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What Makes a Fathead…a Fathead?

  • Movable
  • Life-Size
  • Authentic
  • Designed in Detroit

Product Details

Stadium: Dodger Stadium

Year Opened: Apr 9 1962 12:00AM

Playing Surface: Santa Ana Bermuda Grass

Remarks: Dodger Stadium is the largest ballpark by seating capacity, with a seating capacity of 56,000. It is also currently the third oldest baseball stadium in the MLB. Dodger Stadium was the host to the baseball competitions during the 1984 Summer Olympics. It also hosted the 1991 opening ceremonies for the United States Olympic Festival. One of the most distinct features of the stadium is its wavy roof that sits on top of each outfield pavilion.

Fathead Stadium Canvas Prints: Only Fathead brings you baseball stadiums like this. With awesome hi-def images of your team’s stadium you’ll feel like you’re at the game, smelling the hot dogs and cheering with fellow fans. At almost 3 feet wide by almost two feet high this canvas print of your home team's stadium is sure to bring some "Oooo's" and "Awwwww's" of its own! Forget cheap poster prints, Fathead Canvas Prints are easy to put up, with included hardware and dust-cover, and more authenticity than any poster. So go with Fathead canvas prints. FOR REAL.

Materials & Uses

Construction and Materials: Our canvas prints use artist quality fabric stretched over a sturdy wood support. The canvas is gallery wrapped for a professional, clean finished look and the edges are finished in black so that the full image is on the front of the canvas. Each piece indcludes a dust cover applied to the back before the hanging hardware is attached, making your Fathead canvas print an expertly crafted, ready-to-hang work of art.