Elmo Dry Erase Board

Fathead Jr – Peel & Stick
  • Size:2'3"W x 2'10"H
  • SKU:1074-00015

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What Makes a Fathead… a Fathead?

  • Movable

    Ready to make a move? Fatheads are movable and reusable.

  • Life-Size

    We mean LIFE-SIZE! These huge decals match the true size of any athlete or character.

  • Authentic

    Genuine images of your sports or entertainment favorites. Fatheads bring life to any room!

  • Designed in Detroit

    Thoughtfully crafted by skill Fathead team members in Detroit, Michigan.

Product Details

Muppet: Elmo

Show: Sesame Street

About Elmo: Elmo is one of Sesame Street’s most famous characters. Elmo made his first appearance on Sesame Street on November 18, 1985. Elmo’s big smile and infectious laugh earned him his segment on Sesame Street — first Elmo’s World then Elmo the Musical.

Promote Learning With Elmo: This dry erase wall decal of Elmo is a great addition to playrooms, bedrooms, classrooms and more! Pairing Elmo with educational activities can spark creativity and encourage learning. The Elmo dry erase board helps to make learning fun for kids, so they won’t dread doing assignments.

The Elmo Dry Erase Whiteboard: Because this Elmo dry erase board is a wall decal from Fathead, it is so much easier to put up than traditional whiteboards — you just peel them off the sheet and stick them on the wall. You can move and reuse them anytime and they won't damage your wall. They go up in just minutes too. Plus nothing will spark creativity like reading it in Elmo’s voice.

Installation Instructions