Scooby-Doo - Fathead Jr

Fathead Jr – Peel & Stick
  • Size:1'8"W x 3'2"H
  • SKU:15-17007


What Makes a Fathead… a Fathead?

  • Movable

    Ready to make a move? Fatheads are movable and reusable.

  • Life-Size

    We mean LIFE-SIZE! These huge decals match the true size of any athlete or character.

  • Authentic

    Genuine images of your sports or entertainment favorites. Fatheads bring life to any room!

  • Designed in Detroit

    Thoughtfully crafted by skilled Fathead team members in Detroit, Michigan.

Product Details

Character: Scooby-Doo

About Scooby-Doo: Four teenagers travel in their green van, known as the Mystery Machine, with their dog Scooby-Doo to solve mysteries involving supposed supernatural beings. The original series “Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?” debuted in 1969 and there have been many cartoon and live-action iterations through present day.

Scooby Doo - Fathead Jr Wall Decal: This Scooby-Doo cartoon wall decal is the perfect for die-hard fans. The Scooby Doo - Fathead Jr features images that are licensed, so you don’t have to settle for a cheap knockoff wall decal without the official character art. And the wall decal doesn’t require tape, tacks or putty like a poster. This Scooby Doo - Fathead Jr is also removable and reusable, so you can move it without damaging your walls. Show your fandom For Real with a Scooby-Doo cartoon Fathead wall decal.

A Great Gift For Scooby Fans: If you're looking for a Scooby-Doo gift, Fathead has the perfect wall art present that is better than any old poster or sticker. Our Scooby Doo - Fathead Jr Fathead wall decal is perfect for Scooby-Doo fans of all ages and for any occasion —birthday, graduation, holidays or just because. This gift is one that any fan will always remember.

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