Green Lantern #76 Cover

Fathead Jr – Peel & Stick
  • Size:1'11"W x 2'9"H
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Product Details

Comic Book Cover: Green Lantern #76

Publisher: DC Comics

Cover Date: April 1970

Featured Superheroes: Green Lantern & Green Arrow

Green Lantern Comic Book Cover: Comic book fans know there’s nothing like the feeling of opening your first comic book featuring your favorite comic superheroes. Not every Green Lantern fan is lucky enough to have an original copy of the original Green Lantern comic book. However, you can add a replica to your home made with a self-adhesive backing that is removable and reusable without damaging your walls. This is a giant reproduction of the actual Green Lantern Vol. 2 #76 issue and it is 10 times the size of the original. Relive the feelings of when you opened your first comic book with this classic DC Comics cover from Fathead.

A Great Gift For Green Lantern Fans: If you're looking for the right gift for a Green Lantern fan, Fathead has the perfect wall art present that is better than any old poster or sticker. Our Green Lantern Vol. 2 #76 Cover Fathead wall decal is perfect for any occasion and Green Lantern fans of all ages. This original cover replica is sure to be one that any fan of Green Lantern will always cherish.

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