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View the complete catalog of Superhero Fathead graphics

Fathead® Superhero Wall Decals Defeat Posters and Stickers with Flare

You know a superhero is larger than life, which is why your typical wall stickers or poster won't do! Like your favorite superhero, Fathead wall decals are tough, and these wall graphics are easy to put up, clean, remove and reuse without any damage to your walls or the graphic.

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Fathead Batman v Superman wall decal

Batman v Superman

Choose your side in the battle of two iconic DC Comics heroes with a Fathead wall decal.

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The Avengers: Age of Ultron wall decals from Fathead

Captain America: Civil War

Team Cap or Team Iron Man? Show your allegiance with a superhero Fathead.

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Spider-Man Fathead wall decals


Whether you're a fan of the cartoon or the movies, Fathead has a Spider-Man wall decal for you.

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Fathead wall decals of the Avengers

The Justice League

DC Comics’ toughest heroes available as the toughest wall décor.

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Fathead wall decals take superheroes to super sizes
Ultimate Spider-Man
Batman Full Throttle
Superman Justice League
For smaller spaces that call for superhero skills, Fathead Jr wall decals will save the day
Captain America - Fathead Jr
Hulk - Fathead Jr
Supergirl Logo - Fathead Jr
Create a unique tribute to your favorite Superheroes with Fathead wall decals of famous comic book covers
Amazing Fantasy #15 Cover
Superman #1 Cover
Batman #1 Cover
The Incredible Hulk #1 Cover