Cinderella Desktop Stand Out

Desktop Stand Out - Non-adhesive
  • Size:(W x H x D) 10" x 1'3" x 0"
  • SKU:4900-80023

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Product Details

Character: Cinderella

Movie: Cinderella

Production Company: Disney

Small Cinderella Cutout: The Cinderella Desktop Stand Out cutout is a great decorating solution for Disney Princess fans looking to display their team pride on an office desk, dresser or any small space. At 10" tall, 15.5" wide, 6" deep (25 cm, 39 cm, Cinderella 15 cm), this small cutout standee of Cinderella Desktop Stand Out is compact enough to fit almost anywhere.

The Cinderella is tough and features a vibrant, licensed image, so it will showcase your pride for numerous years. A Cinderella cardboard cutout cannot match the durability of this small Stand Out cutout of the Disney Princess star Cinderella.

An Inexpensive Gift For Cinderella Fans: So you’re looking for that little something extra to get your friend or family member that worships the Disney Princess. It doesn’t matter the occasion - graduation, birthday, holiday, etc. – this Cinderella Desktop Stand Out is an inexpensive Disney Princess gift that can result in jaw dropping excitement. When this mini cutout of Cinderella is unwrapped, you'll instantly set the precedence of gift giving. So get the gift that any Disney Princess fan will always cherish.

Materials & Uses

What It's Made Of: Desktop Stand Out cut outs are made of a pasted clay coated news back exterior and a recycled paperboard interior. What does this mean? It means that a Fathead Desktop Stand Out far exceeds the traditional mini cardboard cut out in both image-quality and durability. Desktop Stand Out cut outs have a premium quality, vibrant image just like any other compact sized Fathead product.

These small Stand Out cut outs are also made with an attached easel for easy assembly. When you receive your Desktop Stand Out, you only need to unfold the easel that supports the product and it will be ready to be displayed.

Suggested Uses: These small cut outs are a great decorating solution for desks, dressers and more. Any flat surface in need of some flair will get a boost of personal expression with a Desktop Stand Out. Star athletes and favorite characters are available to add to your bedroom or office.

Installation Instructions