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Hockey Posters and Stickers Belong in the Penalty Box. Score a Power Play with Fathead® NHL Wall Decals.

It's all about the action, the details, the glory. We put an extra measure of quality in our officially licensed NHL vinyl wall graphics, foam-core cut-outs and extra tough outdoor graphics. You deserve a product worthy of admiration and designed to inspire. We're the real deal.

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Chicago Blackhawks Logo Fathead Wall Decal
Chicago Blackhawks Logo
Size: 3'9"W x 3'2"H $79.99
Joe Pavelski Fathead Wall Decal
Joe Pavelski
Size: 4'3"W x 6'1"H $89.99
Pittsburgh Penguins Logo Fathead Wall Decal
Pittsburgh Penguins Logo
Size: 3'4"W x 3'2"H $79.99
San Jose Sharks Logo Fathead Wall Decal
San Jose Sharks Logo
Size: 3'10"W x 3'2"H $79.99
Alex Ovechkin Winter Classic Fathead Wall Decal
Alex Ovechkin Winter Classic
Size: 2'9"W x 6'2"H $89.99
Carey Price Fathead Wall Decal
Carey Price
Size: 5'2"W x 5'1"H $89.99
Connor McDavid - Orange Fathead Wall Decal
Connor McDavid - Orange
Size: 5'0"W x 6'3"H $89.99
Detroit Red Wings Logo Fathead Wall Decal
Detroit Red Wings Logo
Size: 4'3"W x 3'2"H $79.99
Edmonton Oilers Logo Fathead Wall Decal
Edmonton Oilers Logo
Size: 3'3"W x 3'3"H $79.99
Minnesota Wild Logo Fathead Wall Decal
Minnesota Wild Logo
Size: 4'3"W x 2'9"H $79.99
NHL Logo Collection Fathead Wall Decal
NHL Logo Collection
Size: 6'7"W x 4'4"H $89.99
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