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Anaheim Ducks Street Grip

Street Grip – Removable, Not Reusable

Available | SKU# 4443-64234

  • Size: 4'8"W x 2'9"H
  • Number of Decals Included: 4


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Product Details

Street Grip: Anaheim Ducks Logo

Year Founded: NHL 1993-Present

Conference/Division: Western Conference, Pacific Division

Remarks: The club was founded in 1993 by the Walt Disney Company as the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. The team name was changed before the 2006-07 season to the Anaheim Ducks. The Ducks have made it to the playoffs several times and won the Western Conference Championship in 2003 and 2007. They also won the Stanley Cup in 2007.

What are Fathead Street Grips? Fathead Street Grips are made for all kinds of outdoor surfaces so it's easy to claim your turf. They're rough, tough and made to take it. That's right, we're talking shoes, boots, sun, rain, snow and hail. Street Grips are not movable or reusable; they're meant to stick and stay.

However, when applied to ground surfaces like your garage floor, driveway, sidewalk or any asphalt surface, they can be easily removed without damage. That means there's no reason you can't take your team pride to the street. Forget about boring outdoor ground graphics and weatherproof stickers and get grounded with Fathead Street Grips!

Materials and Uses

What It's Made Of: This Fathead Street Graphic is a high definition image made of tough high-grade textured vinyl that's slip and scuff resistant, so you can be assured your eye catching Fathead Street Grip will stay strong. As long as your Street Grip is applied to the below recommended ground surfaces it can be easily removed without any damage to the surface. As if it couldn't get any better, your Fathead Street Grip comes with free separate smaller images (made of the same stuff) to go with your awesome new Street Grip.

Suggested Uses: We know once you've got your brand new, authentic Fathead Street Grip, you'll be so excited that you'll want to stick it to the first surface you see: STOP! Take a few minutes and make sure you apply it to the right kind of surface, mostly outdoor surfaces. We recommend putting your Fathead Street Grip on clean, smooth surfaces like garage floors, driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, asphalt, unsealed concrete and pavers. With a Fathead Street Grip, you can quickly and easily transform your boring driveway, sidewalk or garage floor. Fathead Street Grips are the ultimate way to show everyone outdoors that you’re a fan.

Where Not To Stick It: This is NOT a Fathead for your wall. This is a Fathead Street Grip made for the ground; it is not movable or reusable so you need to be careful where you stick it. Do not apply your Fathead Street Grip to walls, sealed concrete, vinyl, linoleum, vehicles or carpeting. If you need to remove your street graphic in the near future and you’re worried about ruining the surface, DON’T DO IT. Lastly, you don't want your Fathead Street Grip to stick to itself; it is very strong and will not let go without a fight. The best way to prevent this is to grab a friend or two and have them help you apply your Fathead Street Grip. That way, you get to show it off that much sooner!

For complete application instructions, click here.