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Type: REAL.BIG. Decals – Rub On Transfer
Size: Assorted on a 3'4" x 4'6" sheet (101 cm x 137 cm)
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Fathead Frames Wall Decals: Transform that boring wall with Frames transfer wall decals from Fathead. Frames transfer decals are an easy decorating solution that goes up in minutes, so you can avoid the hassle of time-consuming wallpapers and paint. Our Frames decals are available in a variety of different colors, so you can find a color combination to match your walls. This transfer decal includes:

Large Oval Frame: 23"W x 17"H — Fits a 17x11 Photo
Large Rectangle Frame: 19"W x 15"H — Fits a 17x11 Photo
Medium Oval Frame: 15"W x 16"H — Fits a 8x10 Photo
Medium Rectangle Frame: 11"W x 12"H — Fits a 5x7 Photo
Medium Circle Frame: 10"W x 10"H — Fits an 8x8 Photo
Medium Square Frame: 9"W x 9"H — Fits a 7x7 Photo
Medium Rectangle Frame: 9"W x 7"H — Fits a 5x7 Photo
Small Portrait Frame (4): 5"W x 6"H — Fits a 4x6 Photo

Don't Settle For Cheap Wall Art: The walls in your home are like a blank canvas for you to display your artistic creativity, and Fathead is here to help you make your vision a reality with our transfer wall art decals. Fathead’s transfer wall decals are tougher than wall stickers and other cheap wall art because they’re made from the same high-quality material as our reusable products, so you’ll also have bright, vibrant wall decals that add your personality to your home. If you’re a new homeowner or looking to add some flare with a renovation, Frames transfer wall art decals provide an easy decorating solution to add an elegant theme to any room!

What Are Transfer Decals?: Life-size sports wall decals may have given us our start at Fathead, but we’re also in touch with our sensitive side. Our transfer wall art are home décor decals that allow you to channel your inner interior designer and add your personal touch to your home. Like our other wall decals, transfer wall art decals are removable without damaging your wall. However, transfer wall art decals are not reusable, so they cannot be repositioned. Transfer decals are available in a variety of colors, so you’ll be able to match a wall decal to any room!

Color shown may differ from printed color due to differences in monitor settings

All About It: This Removable Transfer Decal is a high quality print made of tough high-grade self-adhesive vinyl that's tear and fade resistant, so you can be assured your design will look great, stay put and hold up. What makes a transfer decal different than your standard peel and stick Fathead Wall Decal is the transfer process itself, which allows us to create intricate and unique designs that cannot be accomplished otherwise. A transfer decal comes sandwiched between two sheets, a backing sheet that is applied to the sticky side of the decal and a transfer sheet that is applied to the visible side of the decal. By removing the backing sheet while keeping the transfer sheet in place, you can apply your decal to the wall exactly as it was intended to look, with all of the individual pieces in the exact position in which they were designed. Once the transfer decal has been successfully positioned on the wall and has adhered completely, you can remove the transfer sheet to reveal the finished product. Because a transfer decal can include so many independent pieces, designed to create a specific pattern, transfer decals ARE NOT MOVABLE OR REUSABLE. They are, however, REMOVABLE and will not do any damage to your wall if you decide to take one down.

Success Tips: Click on the Installation tab above for complete instructions. That's our tip. Oh, and this: BE PATIENT AND GET HELP. It's very difficult to successfully apply a transfer decal by yourself.

Where Not To Stick It: Here are the big no-no's:

  • NO OUTDOOR SURFACES. As in none and we mean none.
  • NO TEXTURED SURFACES. Smooth is your friend and your only friend. Painted dry wall is probably the absolute best smooth surface you can pick. Wallpaper? Not exactly. Unpainted dry wall. Dont' go there. Anything even slightly bumpy? We said NO TEXTURED SURFACES! We mean it.
  • NO COLD PLACES. Just because you're not outside doesn't mean it's warm. An unheated garage, for example, is not appropriate.
  • WALLS, WALLS and ONLY WALLS. The ceiling and the floor are not walls. Don't go there.
  • DON'T LET THE DECAL STICK TO ITSELF! There's a reason these things are sticky. It's so they'll stay up on your wall. But they don't know a wall from a hole in the ground, so it's up to you to keep things straight. That means not letting the sticky side stick to the sticky side. Once sticky meets sticky getting them to unstick is like trying to remove rivets. It can be done, but the potential damage can be alarming.

OK, we're not trying to scare you. Quite the contrary. We want you to love your Fathead Removable Transfer Decal. And now you know some of the do's and don'ts. The biggest do of all? READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!

Removable Transfer Decals are not like any other product we sell. Putting one up on your wall requires patience and a strict observance of the installation steps. Unlike our standard peel and stick wall decals, transfer decals are not movable or resuasble so it's very important to follow the instructions and do it right the first time. Instructions are included with the product, but if you'd like a preview of how to install one, or if you need to print a copy, please click on one of the buttons below:



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