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Superman Fathead® Wall Decals

You do not have to travel to Krypton for a wall decal of Superman as tough as the Man of Steel himself. Fathead has the Superman decor that is perfect for bedrooms, fan caves, entertainment centers, and awesome offices. These Superman graphics are removable and reusable, so you can move them without damaging your walls.

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Superman Justice League Fathead Wall Decal
Superman Justice League
Size: 4'0"W x 6'5"H $79.99
DC Comics Kids Collection Fathead Wall Decal
DC Comics Kids Collection
Size: Assorted on a 4'4" x 6'7" sheet (132 cm x 200 cm) $79.99
Superman Logo Fathead Wall Decal
Superman Logo
Size: 4'1"W x 3'1"H $69.99
DC Comics Heroes Fathead Wall Mural
DC Comics Heroes Mural
Size: 6'0"W x 3'3"H $79.99
Justice League Attack Fathead Wall Mural
Justice League Attack Mural
Size: 4'0"W x 6'0"H $79.99
Superman - Batman v Superman Fathead Wall Decal
Superman - Batman v Superman
Size: 4'1"W x 6'6"H $79.99
Superman - Man of Steel Fathead Wall Decal
Superman - Man of Steel
Size: 3'8"W x 3'11"H $79.99
Batman v Superman Collection Fathead Wall Decal
Batman v Superman Collection
Size: Assorted on a 4'4" x 6'7" sheet (132 cm x 200 cm) $79.99
Injustice: Gods Among Us Mural Fathead Wall Decal
Injustice: Gods Among Us Mural
Size: 5'0"W x 4'3"H $79.99
Justice League Fathead Wall Mural
Justice League Mural
Size: 6'0"W x 4'0"H $79.99
Lex Luthor Fathead Wall Decal
Lex Luthor
Size: 4'5"W x 6'2"H $79.99
Superman - DC Infinite Crisis Fathead Wall Decal
Superman - DC Infinite Crisis
Size: 4'10"W x 5'6"H $79.99
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