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Kidney Cross-Section – Labeled
Kidney Cross-Section – Labeled

Kidney Cross-Section – Labeled

Price: $79.99

Type: Fathead Medical Images
Size: (W x H) 2'2" x 3'3" (66 cm x 100 cm)
SKU: 1090-00034
Ships: US, Canada
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Product Attributes: Kidney Cross Section (Labeled) - Easy to apply, movable, and dry-erasable. This highly accurate, patient appropriate anatomical image of the kidney provides visual and textual explanation of the parts, veins, and arteries of the kidney. Patients and professionals will benefit from the vivid detail and high definition colors that deliver a three dimensional look and feel compared to an average anatomical chart. Fathead Wall Graphics are made of high quality vinyl that is durable, reusable and has a self adhesive backing, simplifying installation without all the hassle of tape on an everyday anatomy diagram. Being oversized and free form helps to eliminate confusion and creates an educational environment.

Suggested Uses: Patients value conversation time with their health care providers. The Kidney Cross Section - Labeled anatomical diagram is perfect for communicating results, clarifying consultations, and procedural explanations. They will empower patients and give doctors and educators the tools to instill confidence and trust. People of all ages benefit from visual learning. Unlike an everyday anatomy poster, this Labeled Kidney Fathead is essential in providing anatomical information to patients, students, primary care physicians, endocrinologists, urologists, and nephrologists. These bold, over sized anatomical graphics can adorn any exam room, waiting area, lab area, or class room setting and will inspire and educate.

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Applying REAL.BIG. Fathead decals that require the rub on transfer application requires patience and a strict observance of the installation steps. Unlike our standard peel and stick wall decals, they are not movable or reusable so it's very important to follow the instructions and do it right the first time. Instructions are included with the product, but if you'd like a preview of how to install one, or if you need to print a copy, please click on one of the buttons below:



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