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Gift Ideas From Fathead

Birthday, Christmas & Holiday Gift Ideas from Fathead®

Need an idea for a quick and unique gift for someone special? Tired of buying the same old boring thing? Then look no further because Fathead is your one stop shop for all things awesome! We have gifts for boys and girls, gamers and fans of all kinds. With this kind of selection you're sure to be a gift-giving MVP!

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Fathead products for less than $50

Gifts Under $50

Fathead Jr Wall Decals, Team Pennants, Team Logo Assortments and our ever popular Big Head cut outs.

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Girls wall décor gifts from Fathead

Great Gifts for Girls

From Entertainment Mega-Stars to World Class Athletes to Disney Princesses, Hello Kitty and More! Boys welcome too!

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Great gift options for boys from Fathead

Best Buys for Boys

Action Sports, NFL, MLB, Monster Jam, Spider-Man and More! Girls welcome too!

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Gifts for Movie Fans from Fathead

Gifts for Film Fanatics

Movie buffs are sure to move this wide selection of Fatheads from the big screen.

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Fathead steps beyond sports memorabilia by creating life-size wall decals of legendary athletes
Magic-Bird Duo
Magic-Bird Duo
Nolan Ryan
Nolan Ryan
Decorate an entire room with Fathead's super collection wall graphics
Disney Princess Collection
Chicago Blackhawks Power Pack
Chicago Cubs Power Pack
Fathead has wall decals of dozens of characters from Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Transformers and more
Frozen Collection
Superman - Man of Steel
Rapunzel - Tangled