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Hands of God and Adam by Michelangelo - Canvas Print
Hands of God and Adam by Michelangelo - Canvas Print

Hands of God and Adam by Michelangelo - Canvas Print

Price: $149.99

Type: Canvas
Size: (W x H) 2'8" x 2'0" (81 cm x 60 cm)
SKU: 37-99090
Ships: US, Canada
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Art for Easy Decorating: Iconic paintings, drawings, and photographs only accessible behind glass, in a museum or on a poster print are now available for you to bring into your home the Fathead way. The Hands of God and Adam by Michelangelo Canvas Print is a perfect addition to your d├ęcor, turning any room into a curated museum. Forget a cheap Michelangelo, Hands of God and Adam paper print, Fine Art Fathead Canvas Prints are easy to put up, with included hardware and dust-cover, and look more authentic than a poster. So go with Fathead Fine Art canvas prints. FOR REAL.

Artist's Bio: Michelangelo (1475-1564) was an Italian sculptor, painter, architect, poet and engineer. His art is characteristic of the Renaissance era, and it influenced the period of Mannerism.

Product Date: c.1511

Historical Facts: A scene from the Sistine Chapel ceiling fresco that depicts the story from the Book of Genesis in which God breathes life into Adam.

Location of Artwork: Vatican Museums and Galleries, Vatican City, Italy

Category: Old Masters

Subjects: Figurative, People/Portraits, Renaissance, World Culture/Religion

Construction and Materials: Our canvas prints use artist quality fabric stretched over a sturdy wood support. The canvas is gallery wrapped for a professional, clean finished look and the edges are finished in black so that the full image is on the front of the canvas. Each piece includes a dust cover applied to the back before the hanging hardware is attached, making your Fathead canvas print an expertly crafted, ready-to-hang work of art.

Applying REAL.BIG. Fathead decals that require the rub on transfer application requires patience and a strict observance of the installation steps. Unlike our standard peel and stick wall decals, they are not movable or reusable so it's very important to follow the instructions and do it right the first time. Instructions are included with the product, but if you'd like a preview of how to install one, or if you need to print a copy, please click on one of the buttons below:


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