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Donation Request

It is important to note the following guidelines for requesting and receiving a Fathead product donation:

  • Please fill out the donation request form (DRF) completely.  Failure to do so may void your donation request.
  • Please understand that completion of the donation request form is a request only and does not guarantee a donation.
  • In order to be considered, requests must be received a minimum of 30 DAYS PRIOR to the event or the request will be voided.

The Fathead team appreciates & recognizes organizations that support and strengthen their local community.  It is our goal to fulfill as many requests as possible but, due to the high volume of inquiries, we are unable to honor every request. We ask that you please allow 7-10 days for a response from the date you submit your Donation Request Form.


The Fathead Donation Request Team

Organization Name
Type of Organization
501(C)(3) or Tax ID #:
Shipping Address
Event Name
Cost Per Ticket
Event Date & Time
Event Audience Size
Event Description
Contact Name
Contact Phone
Contact Email Address
Contact Fax
Other Sponsors/Donors involved with event
Item to be used for
Will there be pre-event advertising?
Will Fathead be featured?

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