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Toledo Rockets Fat Dots

Toledo Rockets Fat Dots




  • Type: Fat Dots – Removable, Not Reusable
  • Size: 0.39 inch (1 cm) diameter each
  • SKU: 4802-00076
  • Ships: US, Canada


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Product Details

Fathead Makes A Great Gift: Hey you! If you’re looking for the right Toledo Rockets sports gift, Fathead has the perfect NCAA phone accessory present. Our Toledo Rockets Fat Dots are perfect for a birthday, graduation, holidays or just because. This Toledo Rockets gift is one that a sports fan will always remember.

Team: Toledo Rockets

Year Founded: 1872

Conference / Division: Mid-American Conference (MAC)

Remarks: The Rockets football team holds 10 MAC Championships. Their main rival is Bowling Green State University. The basketball team has appeared in 4 NCAA Tournaments.

What'd You Say? Did you seriously just call those Toledo Rockets Fat Dots, lame STICKERS?! Those are For Real Fathead Fat Dots! Way better than any old iPhone home button sticker or decal, an officially licensed NCAA Toledo Rockets Fat Dot is one of a kind! A Fat Dot features a rounded, clear epoxy dome that gives it a For Real button feel, with a safe adhesive that makes this dot removable, but not reusable.

Don't worry though, there are six Fat Dots in the pack, so you can mix it up whenever you want! Stick our Fathead Fat Dots on your iPhone, iPad, iPod or anything else that has a 1/2 inch in diameter of space! So forget Toledo Rockets iPhone home button stickers or iPod button decals and get it For Real with a pack of Toledo Rockets Fat Dots.

What Are Fat Dots? Whether you call them dots, home button stickers, iPhone button decals, or phone accessories, Fat Dots from Fathead provide a stylish, personalized way to customize your phone. Made a 1/2 inch in diameter, Fathead Fat Dots are the perfect size for your iPad, iPod, iPhone or any other device with the same size button! When you purchase a pack of Fathead Fat Dots, you get six different licensed designs, so mix and match whenever you want. Fat Dots from Fathead are the only For Real way to customize your phone!

Materials and Uses

What It's Made Of: A Fathead Fat Dot is is composed of a licensed image printed on vinyl under a clear, epoxy dome, giving the Fat Dot its "rubbery" feel. Each dot is is 0.39 inch (1 cm) in diameter.

Suggested Uses: Fathead Fat Dots are designed for you to stick on the home button of your iPad, iPhone, iPod or any other space that fits. Fat Dots are the way to customize you phone with officially licensed images, FOR REAL. Fat Dots are removable, but not reusable. Don't worry though, each pack of Fat Dots comes with six different dot designs for you to mix and match.

Where Not To Stick It: If you decide not to stick your Fat Dot on an iPhone, iPad or iPod, we do NOT recommend that you stick it on rough surfaces (e.g. cement), surfaces that are used and abused (e.g. kitchen countertop), or on people (e.g. your child's mouth). Otherwise, have a blast with Fathead's For Real Fat Dots!


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