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Hook 'Em Big Head - Texas

Fathead Big Head – Non-adhesive

Available | SKU# 1091-00176

  • Size: Approximately 1'7" x 2'0" (48 cm x 60 cm)
  • Ships: US, Canada


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Product Details

Hook Em' Big Head: Now you can get your head in the game with your very own cut out of Hook Em's face. Unlike giant head posters or other mascot head photos, NCAA Big Heads are sturdy and big enough to stand out in any crowd. There’s no better way to prove you’re a fan than with an officially licensed NCAA Fathead Big Head.

Name: Hook 'Em

Team: Texas Longhorns

First Seen: 1974

Related Mascots: Bevo

Remarks: Hook'em can be seen on the sidelines at Longhorn football games at Darrel K Royal - Texas Memorial Stadium and also at basketball games at the Frank Erwin Center.

What Are Fathead Big Heads? Fathead Big Heads are portable cutouts of players’ heads or your own head (we make Custom Big Heads too). That’s right, the head and nothing but the head (well the face actually). Fathead Big Heads are printed on high density foam core and die cut around the face. They are meant to be held up and displayed with the kind of passion that would lead you to buy someone’s head at ten times normal size. Which is not normal, but is very Fathead. Fathead Big Heads fully embrace the saying, "Get Your Head in the Game!"

Materials and Uses

What It's Made Of: A Fathead Big Head is printed on high density 3/16 inch foam core and die cut around the player’s face. They are not wall graphics or self-adhesive.

Suggested Uses: Fathead Big Heads are designed so you can take them with you. Hold up a Fathead Big Head at the big game to psych out the opposing team! Make a Custom Big Head of your child and show your support at their sporting event! Fathead Big Heads are also perfect for birthday and office parties. However you choose to use them, they are meant to stand out in a crowd.