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Nebraska Cornhuskers - Memorial Stadium Canvas


Available | SKU# 61-61838

  • Size: 2'6"W x 1'8"H
  • Ships: US, Canada


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Product Details

Fathead Makes A Great Gift: Hey you! If you’re looking for the right Nebraska Cornhuskers gift, Fathead has an amazing wall canvas present, that is better than any old poster, or sticker. Our Nebraska Cornhuskers - Memorial Stadium Fathead Canvas is perfect for a birthday, graduation, holidays or just because. This gift is one that a Nebraska Cornhuskers fan will always remember.

Stadium: Memorial Stadium

First Opened: October 20, 1923

Playing Surface: Field Turf

Remarks: Memorial Stadium first opened on October 20, 1923 with a capacity of 31,000. The stadium was named in honor of Nebraskans who served in the Civil War, Spanish-American war, World War I, World War II, Vietman and Iraq. The stadium was dedicated at the Homecoming game. After several expansions, its current capacity is 81,067. The stadium holds a NCAA record for a consecutive sellout streak, which began in 1962.

Fathead Stadium Canvas Prints: Only Fathead brings you football stadiums like this. With awesome hi-def images of your team’s stadium you’ll feel like you’re at the game, smelling the hot dogs and cheering with fellow fans. At almost 3 feet wide by almost two feet high this canvas print of your home team's stadium is sure to bring some "Oooo's" and "Awwwww's" of its own! Forget cheap poster prints, Fathead Canvas Prints are easy to put up, with included hardware and dust-cover, and more authenticity than any poster. So go with Fathead canvas prints. FOR REAL.

Materials and Uses

Construction and Materials: Our canvas prints use artist quality fabric stretched over a sturdy wood support. The canvas is gallery wrapped for a professional, clean finished look and the edges are finished in black so that the full image is on the front of the canvas. Each piece indcludes a dust cover applied to the back before the hanging hardware is attached, making your Fathead canvas print an expertly crafted, ready-to-hang work of art.