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Arkansas State Red Wolves Teammate

Fathead Teammate – Peel & Stick

Available | SKU# 89-01219

  • Size: 11"W x 11"H
  • Ships: US, Canada


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Product Details

Fathead Makes A Great Gift: Hey you! If you're looking for the right Arkansas State Red Wolves gift, Fathead has the perfect present! Our Arkansas State Red Wolves Teammate decal is perfect for a birthday, graduation, holidays or just because. This Arkansas State Red Wolves gift is one that any fan will always remember.

Logo: Arkansas Red Wolves

Year Founded: 1909

Conference / Division: Sun Belt Conference / Division I

Mascot: Howl

Remarks: The Arkansas State Red Wolves were the Arkansas State Indians until 2008 and the new Red Wolves logo was revealed on March 13, 2008. Prior to joining the Sun Belt Conference in 2001, Arkansas State was a member of the Southland Conference from 1964 to 1986 and became independent prior to becoming a part of the Big West Conference from 1993 to 1995. They became independent again for 3 years (1996-1998) before rejoining the Big West Conference for from 1999-2000.

What'd You Say? Did you seriously just call that Arkansas State Red Wolves Fathead a POSTER?! Come on! That is a FOR REAL Fathead decal! Fatheads are SO much better than posters, and an officially licensed Arkansas State Red Wolves Teammate stays up on its own with a low-tac adhesive that won't damage your walls, making this graphic easy to move and reuse.

A Fathead Teammate graphic features a hi-def image that blows stickers and posters out of the competition. So forget Arkansas State Red Wolves posters and stickers; go with the Arkansas State Red Wolves Teammate decal.

What Is A Fathead Teammate? Don't have room at your dorm, home or work for a REAL.BIG. Fathead but still want to show your team pride in a REAL.BIG. way? Fathead has your smaller spaces covered with Fathead Teammates! Decorate your cube at work, dorm room or bed room. They don't have to go just on the wall. They fit in all kinds of spaces so you can show your fandom on notebooks, furniture, cabinets, desks, fridges, windows, doors, even the back of a metal or plastic chair.

Need some game time decorations for the big game – Teammates let you sport your pride with ease! You can even take them down and save them for next time if you want. With a friendly size and price, Fathead Teammates are perfect for stocking stuffers, giveaway prizes or party favors! These high quality teammates are way better, bigger and tougher than a poster or sticker. So stick with a For Real Fathead Teammate decal.

Materials and Uses

What It's Made Of: This Fathead Teammate is a high definition image made of tough high-grade vinyl that's tear and fade resistant, so you can be assured your eye catching Fathead will stay strong. And if the thought of moving your Teammate scares you, have no fear, because it uses a low-tack adhesive that can be easily moved and reused without any damage to your wall. As if it couldn't get any better, your Fathead comes with free separate smaller images (made of the same stuff) to go with your awesome new wall graphic.

Suggested Uses: We know once you've got your brand new, authentic Fathead, you'll be so excited that you'll want to stick it to the first surface you see. But stop for a just a minute and make sure you apply it to a clean, smooth, interior surface, your Fathead loves them and you'll love the way it sticks. We recommend putting it somewhere where everyone can see it since there's no better way to tell everyone you're a fan. Fathead Teammates are the perfect fan decor for smaller spaces such as doors, fridges, windows, desks, tables, dorm rooms, back of a chair, or any other interior area with a smooth, clean surface.

Where Not To Stick It: So we've told you where to put your Fathead but we haven't told you where not to. For those curious folks who may want to try to stick their Fathead Jr. in clever places like on your carpet or on your cat, you may want to rethink your decorating technique because to be honest, it won't stick or stay there for very long. Fatheads do not adhere well to bumpy or textured surfaces. Lastly, you don't want your Fathead to stick to itself, let's just put it this way, your Fathead will not let go without a fight.